It’s Our “Time for Action!!

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Oiran Music, established by the one-and-only warm-up bar in Shibuya “shibuya Oiran”, has revealed their brand new music video “Gimme Action”. Directed by one of the energetic and phenomenon director SHODA YUKIHIRO, and the music is performed by a exciting and sought after producer Sakiko Osawa.


Shibuya Oiran launched “Oiran Music”, a platform of a combination of music label and art project on February 2014. It begun with producing Sakiko Osawa’s “Tokyo Disco Beat” (7 Stars Music) which charted no.2 on i-Tunes Electronic Album and continued


expanding their unique and surprising work by releasing “shibuya OIRAN warm up music Complied by VENUS KAWAMURA YUKI” (ULTRA-VIBE) on April 9th 2014.


SHIBUYA OIRAN warm up music

SHIBUYA OIRAN warm up music



“It’s Time for Action”, the concept of this music was inspired by the most influential woman in the world, Yoko Ono and to show the respect, the lyric is written and sang by Amsterdam’s finest, Saga Bloom, and the music was composed by the uprising Japanese female techno DJ/Creator Sakiko Osawa. Collaboration of two women, living in the opposite side of the earth, has met to give a birth to a vivid anthem “Gimme Action”.


The release of “Gimme Action EP” is also revealed, and will be available on i-Tunes and Beatport on June 19th. Filtered House track which feature the voices of artist-idol unit namakopuli and Cosplay Anime DJ Saolilith “Welcome To Tokyo featuring namakopuri & Saolilith” will be recorded on the EP as well.


With the music of Sakiko Osawa, director SHODA YUKIHIRO created the 3 minute world by shooting only at Shibuya, combined the various landscapes around shibuya Oiran, and turn it to a driving and thrilling art work. He is known as a director of a short film “blind”, which shook the visual industry several years ago, and also directed the renewal movie of Tower Records. He is well known as the director of music video, Sakanaction and androp are some of his remarkable artists he wrked with.

He had a close relationship with “shibuya Oiran” as a customer like every other young creators are.


The collaboration of Sakiko Osawa and SHODA YUKIHIRO was meant to be and this devastating art work will create a stir in a declining Shibuya Culture.


“Gimme Action EP”
Release Date : June 19th 2014
Track List:
1. Gimme Action ft. Saga Bloom (Original Mix)

2. Welcome To Tokyo ft. namakopuri&Saolilith

3. Gimme Action (Frank Lamboy Remix)
4. Gimme Action (Rick Dyno Remix)
5. Gimme Action ft. Saga Bloom (Radio Edit)

6. Gimme Action (more action dub)

Available on i-Tunes, BeatPort and etc.





Sakiko Osawa

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